Foundations, Applications & Theory of Inductive Logic (FAT IL)

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A Spirited Defence of Inductive Logic

Idea & Motivation

The final conference of the proposed network project will be preceded by a one-day Summer School on Inductive Logic geared towards PhD students outside the network. This shall contribute to making inductive logic more popular in the wider communities and help students to better follow the academic presentations during the conference which too often are aimed at the already initiated and thus fail to inspire inquisitive and excitable students.

The scientific aim of the conference is to deflate and deflect the most prominent critiques of inductive logic and show that inductive logic can hold its own building on previous meeting and on more recent arguments.

A special issue shall collect the most exciting contributions of the second year of this network project. Finally, this event shall serve as the main production meeting for the handbook of Inductive Logic during which we shall decide on major issues such as: publisher, topics to cover, authors and overviews to invite and length of the book. The main applicant will be instrumental in these tasks. It is anticipated that the book will be published some time after the end of this network project.


Further information will be announced in due time.